About us

October 2017:

Founders of RevenYOU, Michiel, Colin and Stefan, were passionate traders and started to implement strading strategies using algorithms. By connecting code on servers they successfully managed to automate their trades using various API connections with the major exchanges.

Faster & more secure

The founders became aware of the lack of accessibility to algorithms for non- professional traders. They envisioned a solid, fast and save portal environment on which developers can create algorithms to ensure smarter automated trading strategies and better predictive analysis. This could serve as the basis for better and easier access to trading algorithms for people not directly connected to the inner circle of professional traders.

A new market

Many automated trading developers were thinking alike and were in search for a more flexible, faster and intuitive platform to present their automated trading strategies to the general public. By connecting the developer portal environment with an easy to use Android/IOS RevenYOU trading mobile app, we are about to make this a reality.


The foundation of RevenYOU was laid in Oktober 2017. The boys are going to drastically change the world of investing by giving everybody access to the best automated strategies.

Our Team