Why the RevenYOU algorithm trading platform will make you very happy

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Make your algorithms, backtest them, paper trade with them and earn a lot of money with them.
-100% free of cost-

RevenYOU is made for and by algorithm traders. It's made to serve the developer. We wanted a platform with ultra-fast backtesting speeds, the best code encryption and flash trading. So we made a platform that has it all.

We made ‘Tower’ end 2017  
We started building everything from scratch. We made everything ourselves, like we, as traders, want it to be.  We made a hybrid exchange so we could attach all our algo’s to corporate accounts and have huge discounts. We made our own scripting language ‘YOUscript’.
It's cpp based and much faster than Python. We made an extensive library, enabled Machine learning and enabled co-developing and earning.

Most importantly of all: we made an App that even our mothers can work with. By giving millions access to your algorithms, we give you all the tools to make a serious living by building algorithms.

Before you start: Know that we start with cryptocurrencies. We plan to incorporate all the asset classes.

Good luck!
the RevenYOU team

Get rich with RevenYOU Tower: free to try, free to use

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Get rich with RevenYOU’s Tower

RevenYOU’ s Tower is the best algorithm platform.
Safe, fast, free. It protects your code and it gives you access to a huge markets. - We pay out 0,007% per in- and out transaction- 100.000 followers give you approx. 35K monthly

Your code is safe

We made a cpp based scripting language, flash trading enabled, easy to learn and more secure.  We made reversed engineering impossible. Even for users who see your algorithm in action in their portfolio. We use encryption and decentralize with dockers.

Absolutely free

Try it for free, enjoy the experience. Tower and the RevenYOU ecosystem are free to join. We give algorithm makers the best, but we also make sure users get the best: the best trading strategies and the lowest transaction costs. We also made a great app, resulting in good retention and high investing volume’s.

Support, 24/7

RevenYOU gives support, tips, tricks. Check our documentation and support page.
Check also these video’s and check this list of already coded algorithms. Just tweak the variables and win.

Join now, be on the front row

The number of algorithm makers is rising.  teams are forming. Coalitions and algorithm on algorithm are the trends. We as coders outperform the old Wallstreet traders and shape the future of investing. Wanna join? start now, don’t be late..

5000 algorithms are in Tower

Make low risk algorithms, make algorithms for crypto owners who like to buy and hold, but want to sell automatically in crashes. Make algortithms for thrill seekers, make flash trading algorithms. Find your niche or huge market.

Just tweak the variables and win

Coding skills are one, creativity and sense for the market is two. We coded a lot of proven trading algorithms for you. Like a guitar or piano: It's about the instrument, but mostly about what you do with in.

Play with the variables and win.

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