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No hassle, 100% free, fair and frequent payouts
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Users pay you a small fee with
every transaction

Weekly payments in BTC
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Quick and easy onboarding

We can work with your API or we can provide you with our API
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"The RevenYOU app has thousands of users, looking to invest their crypto's with your strategies"

How you get paid

The user pays you a small fee with every transaction. The current fee is 0,002% of the total volume, each transaction. Another small part goes to the platform. These payments are made weekly.

You are:
- A full service strategy provider
- A data and/or signals provider
- An algorithm maker
- A portfolio manager

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RevenYOU app

- Current users waiting for launch:
60.000 - 100.000
- Launch: October 2019
- Calculated capital per strategy end 2020:
50k - 550k

Active trading

Take active trading down from a 5 hour a day time sink to a 5 minute a day ''anytime/anywhere'' experience.
By using automated trading strategy technology, all your trades are done accurately and exactly to your wishes, while you're going about your day, carefree.

Test before you invest

Before you start investing, pick some bots that have caught your eye and read up on them. Check out their track record, how has this bot done in the past? What does this bot trade in? These are the type of questions you want to be answered before you invest.

Do you like the results you are seeing? Then you can decide what bot to follow.

Automated strategies

The automated strategies you choose to follow work 24/7. They are pre-tested and continuously improved by the algorithm-makers. If you don't like a strategy, stop following it and choose another one! Strategies can be combined to increase the yield even further. Always check the risk indicator to get an understanding of the potential changes.

RevenYOU makes trading experience obsolete


We make trading
as easy as Spotify.
Choose your groove
and play.

The RevenYOU app is not just for the rich

It's for the 99 % who want the same opportunities as the super rich

Why do we make higher % than bankers?

Normal investment banks have high traditional costs due to capital expenditure, significant bonus structures and salary payouts. It’s considered ‘normal’ but who do you think ends up paying for these expenses? You, the user. RevenYOU avoids this extra cost entirely, our bots don’t ask for million dollar bonuses.

But hey, they do their work, right? Well… 4% yield a year. To be honest, we see teams on our platform doing much, much better. Is it talent? Is it hard work?

For sure it involves cutting edge IT, technology and Machine Learning.

Our platform generously rewards the botmakers while keeping the total costs to run our services much lower than what the traditional bankers have to offer you. We work hard on the right tasks. No abundant costs, no valuable time lost on side activities. We constantly optimize trading strategies and algorithms. Day in, day out, without stopping.