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Why invest in RevenYOU?

"In 1602 a Dutchman invented the stock exchange as we know it now, in 2019 RevenYOU comes with a long expected update"

RevenYOU changes the world of investing. Michiel, Colin, Stefan make it happen: a fintech startup that launches like a rocket.

Their approach is simple, but also complex. What they change is great, very big, but also completely logical.

RevenYOU has succeeded in applying the underlying concepts of Amazon, Youtube and Spotify to the immense, all-encompassing investment world.

With Amazon as a partner, A.I. built-in and with over 60 Dutch investors the flying start is imminent in March / April 2019.

With typical Dutch values ​​such as honesty and economy, they conquer the investment world. Is this the new 'Shell'? the new 'Unilever'? In any case, it is a startup to keep a close eye on!

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The fintechs are the banks on the heels

RevenYOU has 20 major competitors and Robin Hood (USA) is the largest with a valuation of around 8 billion. The average annual growth of the branch is unquestionably large.

Innovation: A.I. / Apps / Platform / Algorithms

The world is changing fast. Fine new concepts that are enriching for users quickly replace the old ones.

Algorithms are faster and smarter in the financial world. the return / risk ratio is much better.

Investing in shares worldwide, starts in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a small (400 billion) market, with high risk. Nevertheless, we start here. Why? 1: Less regulation: Apart from FATF and WWFT customer identification and anti-money laundering regulations, there is not (yet) a license obligation. This allows us to quickly roll out our products, test them and prepare them for other investment markets. 2: Cryptos are excellent for algorithm trading and have a large smart community of tech precursors. Algorithms achieve high returns on average here.

12,000 algorithm developers have signed up

The RevenYOU competition is a competition where we give away 1,000ETH prize money. This is to attract developers to build the first algorithms. Tower - the development platform - is active and the number of algorithms increases rapidly every day.

Tower, the app and the exchange: estimation RevenYOU is now 44 million

RevenYOU started with the equity of the founders, the first 'seed' round was completed in June 2018 after a few weeks, bringing the first capital of 600,000 euros. The sale of transaction costs to enthusiastic first users also generated money and trust. The crowdfund started at 25-1 februari and it exceeded expectations. Various parties, such as Amazon (AWS), involve RevenYOU in growth programs and thereby significantly reduce the RevenYOU expenses.

Algorithm platform Tower is live, the exchange is ready and the app comes in March / April 2018

The RevenYOU team has launched three groundbreaking products in one year. By sharing this with the community, more than 80,000 enthusiasts are ready to use RevenYOU. In addition, RevenYOU is surrounded by 'smart money'. Friends, consultants and investors with great added value. on legal, banking, trading, IT and marketing level.

Meet the founders of RevenYOU!

The Dutch were the inventors of modern investing in 1600. RevenYOU is the long-awaited 'update' of this system. Algorithms, Big Data, Artificial intelligent. But above all: not made by institutions, but by everyone in the world.

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Roadshow in march-april 2019

RevenYOU will visit you in your neighborhood!
Tuesday 12 March - Leeuwarden
Thursday 14 March - Groningen
Friday 22 March - Hoorn / Zwaag
Tuesday 2 April - Amsterdam
Thursday 4 April - Baarn
The meetings last about two hours. Of course there will be something to drink and to eat.

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How does the future of investing look like?
Big data and algorithms are shaping the future.

The influx of Dutch high schools towards 'Beta' has been increasing for years. At universities, millions of students are fully aware of 'Machine Learning'. The most valuable companies in the world such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft give students free access to these techniques.

Data scientist and genius Paul van Gent (TU Delft) says: "Algorithms let cars drive automatically. They also calculate the strength of dikes. The fact that investing becomes the norm via algorithms is only a matter of time "

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The platform for financial
algorithms: Tower

YouTube is worth 100,000x more than the BBC. Why? Everyone can participate and create. Approximately 80% of all financial trade goes through algorithms, unfortunately this is done in the 'BBC' way: Only a few make the algorithms (and only a few have access). Tower changes this forever. In fact, Tower not only gives every data scientist or trader free access, Tower is also made with a lot of care: 1: Super fast (even flash trading) 2: Safe source code 3: Access to collaboration, Machine learning and A.I.

The app that makes investing much more fun and better

The great investment algorithms are available to everyone through the RevenYOU app. The app ensures that investors can enter, exit and know nothing about investment techniques. Each investor chooses his own algorithm based on risk classification, return, stature of the team and more. Every algorithm has been tested, qualified and classified by RevenYOU in 'quarantine'. The result: a great app that gives access to the best investment methods in the world.

Hybrid Exchange


Our internal cryptocurrency exchange makes it possible for us to be able to settle ourselves, so we can count as 65% of all fees that the customers spend on an external exchange as turnover. Another advantage is that this method is substantially safer and faster. Well-known financial scholarships also work in this way. A scholarship can be very successful: The cryptocurrency exchange 'Binance' says it has a profit of 1 billion per year.

1 app all exchanges

The Hybrid Exchange acts as a connection point. Customers only need to create an account with RevenYOU instead of many accounts on different exchanges.

Lower transaction costs

Our Hybrid Exchange has corporate contracts with the largest crypto exchanges. By making use of business accounts, we, and our users, save considerably on transaction costs. Low transaction costs are extremely important to beat the competition and to increase the efficiency of users

RevenYOU isn't just worth 33 mililon for nothing

We fill a gap in the market so big that it is the start of a great voyage of discovery. Whoever can be the first to offer an accessible app, an open development platform, and a private exchange has the future of investing in hand.

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