Terms and conditions agreement RevenYOU app -Cryptocurrency-

You invest / trade yourself or you want to invest yourself via the RevenYOU app with Cryptocurrency. You want to do that on an execution-only basis, or with the help of algorithms. At RevenYOU you can then opt for the Self Algorithmic Investment service.

For this you have or conclude an Agreement RevenYOU app -Cryptocurrency-. This agreement includes agreements. We refer to these agreements as conditions. You will find this in this brochure "Terms and Conditions for Self Investing". Here you can read everything about our services for Self-Investing and the investment risks associated with this. Read these conditions carefully. The moment you approve the RevenYOU app -Cryptocurrency- agreement via the app, these conditions apply.


Haarlem, januari 2019


How do you read the conditions of the RevenYOU app -Cryptocurrency- agreement?

1. General agreements and agreements regarding your account

2. Self-investment

3. Costs for Self-investment

4. Other conditions

5. The characteristics and risks of investing and the various investments

6. Investment policy documents

How do you read this information?

This brochure contains the conditions that apply to the Self-investing services that you purchase or want to purchase from RevenYOU. You can go directly to the chapter that you want to continue reading. Each chapter starts with a brief explanation of what is described in that chapter.

We use terms in the agreement and these terms and conditions. These terms are in italics in the text of the agreement and these terms and conditions. We have listed these terms at the end of these conditions. If you read a term that is italicized, you can find out in the glossary what this term means

How do these conditions and other conditions associated with investing work?
Do you read anything about the same subject in the Terms and Conditions and in other terms that are contradictory? Then the following ranking applies. The conditions associated with a product or service take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions, unless the General Terms and Conditions give you as a consumer more rights or protection.

The agreements in an agreement precede the conditions of that agreement.

Wo is RevenYOU?

You conclude or have an agreement with RevenYOU / CMS management B.V. We also call ourselves RevenYOU. We are the future of investing.

Our address is:
Ir. Lelyweg 44
2031 CD Haarlem.

You can also reach us via our website, You can also call RevenYOU Client Services. This department is available on workdays from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., telephone +31 23 302 39 50 or +31 62 806 22 02.

We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce Haarlem, Chamber of Commerce: 71014918.

Cryptocurrency trading falls outside the Financial Supervision Act (law). We act as much as possible within the regulations and spirit of the regulators.

We provide the following services:

- Cryptocurrency trading / investing via the marketplace of algorithms
- Cryptocurrency trading / investing via the marketplace of manual traders
- Acting / investing in Cryptocurrency yourself

What other conditions apply to you?

The General Terms and Conditions RevenYOU NV (General Terms and Conditions) also apply to you. These are the terms and conditions that apply to all services and products that you purchase from us.
In addition, additional conditions may apply to or additional information may be associated with:

- certain services that we provide
- the way in which we have contact with you
- certain cryptocurrency investments in which you invest

If we are not the originator of the description of the investment strategy, such as the marketplace for investing and the method of manual traders, we are not responsible for the content. And although we have contact with you in Dutch, the text of those terms or information may be in English. If you do not understand the English language, you must indicate this to us.

If there is a provision in these conditions that is no longer valid due to a court decision, all other agreements in these conditions will remain valid.

What do we do with your data?

Your privacy is important to us. We therefore treat your personal data responsibly and carefully. After all, personal data tell everything about you. It is essential for us that your information is safe with us. We process personal data for customers. We need your personal data for a variety of reasons. To accept a customer, but also to be able to offer products and services. We like to be transparent about what we do with your personal data and we find it important that these are correct. We use your personal data for our services. We sometimes provide your personal information to third parties. We only do this if it is necessary to execute the agreement with you or to keep our business efficient. Do you want to know exactly what we do with your personal data? Then read all about it in our Privacy Statement on

We only accept telephone conversations with increased customer risk. We do not record regular calls. We do this because we are not yet legally obliged to do so. We do not have to tell you during every telephone call that we may record it. We save the recordings for a maximum of ten years. After these ten years we destroy them. If you want to listen to a recorded telephone conversation of yourself, you can.

Do you not agree with us?

Do you disagree with us about something that has to do with investments in cryptocurrencies that are administered on your app? Then you are obliged to limit any damage. Please contact RevenYOU as soon as possible. Can't find a solution together? For example, you must cancel your account and sell your positions. You should also do this if you do not yet know the outcome of the dispute or if you do not yet know whether we are liable for the damage or loss.

Do you have a complaint?

If you have a complaint, you can let us know. We have a complaints procedure. You can find it on our website. You can submit your complaint in writing or orally. A complaint must be submitted within one year after the fact has occurred or after you have reasonably been able to become aware of the fact.

State in any case your name, address, zip code, city, telephone number, e-mail address. Give a clear description of your complaint. Optionally, add the most important documents to support your complaint.

Are you not satisfied? Send:
– an e-mail [email protected] or
– a letter:

Ir. Lelyweg 44
2031 CD Haarlem

Can you not work with us? Then you may be able to submit your complaint to the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid), PO Box 93257, 2509 AG The Hague. You must do this within three months of receiving a response from us. You can read how to do this and the criteria that apply for this on You can also first call the Kifid, telephone 070 333 89 99. Instead, you can also go to the court in Amsterdam with your complaint.

What guarantee systems are there?

Your investments in cryptocurrency do not fall under the investor compensation scheme.

Are your investments protected if RevenYOU goes bankrupt?

Most of your cryptocurrencies are protected in various ways. Your cryptocurrencies do not fall under our assets in the event of bankruptcy. A main rule of Dutch property law is that there is a difference between "mine" and "dijn". A consequence of this is that the creditors of one cannot simply recover from the property of someone other than the debtor.

Your cryptocurrencies are on crypto exchanges. RevenYOU only works with cryptocurrency exchanges that score best in terms of security and guarantees. In this we follow our own research as well as research from third parties such as P.A.ID Strategies. The selection of cryptocurrency scholarships changes according to the results of the various studies.

How can you transfer money to and withdraw your account?

You cannot transfer funds to RevenYOU.

What information do you receive from us?

You can view the current distribution of your cryptocurrencies and the results of your investments on your account daily via the App. You can change the following via the "settings" or via contact with support:
- termination of the agreement,
- change of address,
- change of the contra account

May you pledge your cryptocurrencies?

You may not pledge your cryptocurrencies on your account to a third party.

What is our service provision?

If you opt for the service you determine your investment policy yourself by choosing algorithm strategies, you monitor whether you achieve your objectives with this investment policy and you take all investment decisions yourself. You place orders securely and quickly online via the app. We ensure a careful settlement.

The service consists of at least the following:
- Maintaining your portfolio on cryptocurrency exchanges
- Managing your investments.
- Access to historical data for annual financial statements and quarterly reports.
- Access to online payments.
- Executing your securities orders via algorithms and manual strategies. Providing 24/7 portfolio overviews.
- Access to 'investing without money / cryptocurrencies'

In which way can you use Self-Investing?

The RevenYOU app is available 24 hours a day for activation and deactivation. You can view your portfolio day and night via your app, but between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. you may have to deal with limited data availability.

When can you not use Self-Investing?

You cannot use the RevenYOU app to trade with real cryptocurrencies in the following situations:
- If you live in a country or have the nationality of a country where you are not permitted to have cryptocurrencies.
- If you have been placed under administration or guardianship and your administrator or receiver requires a securities on your behalf.
- If you are a minor

When is the service suitable for you?

In general, the algorithm app is suitable for customers who want to compile and manage their investments completely independently and without assistance and who do not need advice.

These are usually customers who:
- are aware of economic developments,
- are interested in and have experience with investing,
- understand the risks and can bear the risks financially and emotionally. In general: the higher the expected return, the greater the chance of (large) losses

- understand the risks and be able to bear the risks financially and emotionally. In general: the higher the expected return, the greater the chance of (large) losses
- Risk classification: The app specifies the risk classification per algorithm. The algorithm platform "Tower" follows algorithms from algorithm makers during a "quarantine" period of one week, whereby the algorithm acts in real time. Prior to this, the back-testing was first carried out for 200 days to determine whether the algorithm was acting in accordance with the strategy description. Based on this data, a risk classification is issued per algorithm. In the app you can see this risk classification prior to the possible activation of an algorithm.

Product developers of algorithmic or manual strategies determine both a potential and sometimes a negative target market for their product. With regard to complex investment algorithms with complex strategies, we cannot determine whether you belong to the target market, because we are not aware of all your wishes and objectives, nor of your investment horizon. For the same reason, we cannot determine whether you belong to the negative target market with regard to the product. You must therefore determine this yourself. You can do this by reading the strategy description of the product developer in advance.

When may the Self-Investing service not be suitable for you?

In a number of cases, Self Investing may not be appropriate for you. For example, if your assets and income are relatively small. Investments fluctuate and may fall sharply, temporarily or not.

We do not allow a legal representative to enter into an agreement on behalf of a minor.

When does the agreement end?

Both you and we can cancel the agreement by sending the other person a signed letter. In some cases (for example in case of doubt, a bill and / or bill or bill and / or bill) we may ask you to send us a signed letter.

In the following situations, our relationship may end immediately and in full, without us having to send you a letter.
- You are bankrupt, fall under a legal scheme for debt rescheduling or apply for suspension of payments.
- You do not comply with the agreements in the conditions.
- You move to the United States of America.

You can sell your cryptocurrency investments at any time via the app or transfer them to another account. You pay costs for selling or transferring your investments. You will find these costs in these conditions. Do you not state in your letter or e-mail what you want to do with your investments? Or is it not clear to us what you mean? Then we cannot terminate the agreement and cancel your account. We will then contact you to ask what your intention is. As soon as all your orders have been processed and we can close the bill, you will receive a confirmation of the cancellation and the date on which the agreement was terminated. This is visible in the app.

What happens to your cryptocurrencies when you die?

If you die, your heirs will temporarily take the place of your contract as a party to this agreement. To determine who your heirs are, they must send us a certificate of inheritance. Or another document that applies to us as a certificate of inheritance. Your heirs can then continue to do transactions until the estate is divided. It is possible that the heirs wish to keep the account after the division of the estate. They must then enter into a new agreement with us.

Nine months after your death, were we unable to establish who your heirs are formally or who your executor is? Then we can terminate the agreement. In that case we sell all investments on your account. We transfer the proceeds to your contra account for the benefit of your heirs.

Do you have an account and / or does one of you die? Then the other person may continue to use the account separately in the manner that we have agreed with you in these terms and conditions

This article does not apply if you are a legal entity.

What happens if you are placed under administration or guardianship

We only formally know who the administrator or receiver is after we have received the appointment by the court. The judge must also have explicitly ruled on cryptocurrencies.

What happens if you move to the United States?

You can then no longer use our services. You must sell your investments and close your account.


In this chapter you can read everything about the costs that we charge you if you opt for our Self-investing services. These are the direct costs. The most important direct costs are the fixed costs (service fee) and the variable costs for transactions. You may also have to pay other variable costs.

In addition to the direct costs that we charge, there are also indirect costs. These are the costs charged by an investment product developer. You do not pay the indirect costs directly, but are included in the return or the price of the investment. A further explanation of the costs and an illustration of the influence of the costs on your return can be found in your quarterly report.


What costs do you pay for Self Investing?

You use or start using Self Investing. This means that we hold a securities account for your investments. You can do the transactions yourself via your account. For this service we charge you fixed costs for the service and variable costs for transactions (the direct costs for our services). Below you will read a description of the fixed and variable costs. Costs affect the net return on your investments. That is why it is important that you have a good understanding of those costs. You receive a quarterly statement from us with both the direct costs for our services and an estimate of the indirect costs of the investments in your account. You will also find a further explanation of the costs and an illustration of the influence of the costs on your return.

Fixed direct costs

How do we calculate the fixed direct costs that you have to pay?

For the storage and administration of your investments we do NOT charge a service fee on your invested capital.

Which costs are part of the fixed direct costs (service fee)?

We calculate the fixed costs for our services for Self Investing. The following costs are part of the fixed costs.

For the sake of clarity: we do not charge these costs to you separately.

- NO Costs for administering and saving your investments.
- NO Costs for collecting 'gas' or bonus coins
- The additional costs for cash payment / conversion to euros
- NO Costs for stopping or activating a trading algorithm
- NO Costs for a statement of the inheritance value of a portfolio.
- Broker and processing costs. Brokerage costs are the costs that we have to pay to a broker to have your transaction executed. Processing costs are the other costs that we have to pay to third parties or internally to have your transactions executed.
- NO Costs for corporate actions. - Variable direct costs

What are the costs for buying and selling transactions?

For a purchase or sale transaction, we charge 0.02% (10x less than, for example, EVI van Lanschot) over the transaction volume with a minimum of € 11 per transaction. The variable costs of transactions are exempt from VAT. These costs apply per transaction for: - the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies on major trade fairs. These vary and have a tendency to decrease.

How do we calculate the value of a transaction?

- When buying and selling all cryptocurrencies, we calculate the value by multiplying the number of units by the rate at which the transaction was carried out.

Opening and closing transactions

Conversion of money to cryptocurrencies via the payment provider: approx. 2% one-off. For opening and closing transactions in cryptocurrencies you do NOT pay us any extra costs per contract with a minimum of € 11 per transaction.

What other variable direct costs do you have to pay us more?

In addition to the variable costs for transactions, you sometimes have to pay a number of other variable costs. - NO Costs that we have to pay separately to product developers of investments, such as trading costs.

What are trade costs?

Trade costs are costs (including entry and exit costs) that we have to pay to project developers of algorithms. These costs are already included in the variable costs.

Are there indirect costs that we do not show?

If you do a transaction (via an algorithm), the rate that you pay is the rate that you have achieved on the market. However, with transactions, the bid and ask prices on the market may differ at the time of trading. There may then be spread costs. These are separate costs. Whether there are spread costs depends on, among other things, the market, the relationship between supply and demand and the relative size of the transaction. We can therefore not show these costs in advance and afterwards.


Which VAT rules apply to investment services?

In principle, VAT is payable on services that a service provider provides in the Netherlands. In principle, Dutch VAT is only due if the service is provided in the Netherlands. In certain cases, the service is also taxed if it is provided to a private person within the EU. In the case of international services, therefore, the application of VAT legislation requires a further assessment of where the service takes place.

What happens if we adjust costs?

We may adjust the costs for our services at any time. We will let you know at least 30 days before the adjustment takes effect. Do you disagree with an adjustment? Then you can end the relationship with us by selling and closing the app.

What do you still have to pay if you cancel your Self-investing account?

Do you want to cancel your account? You pay the fixed costs up to the date on which the account is closed. You may also have to pay variable costs and you have costs for converting cryptocurrencies into money (euros).

In this section you can read which other agreements we make with each other. These include the type of investor that you are and what you should do if something changes in your personal situation. You can also read how we manage and save your investments. We also agree on how we are in contact with each other and how you can pass on orders to us.

What different types of investors do we know?

The law does NOT mention different types of investors for cryptocurrencies. However, we still adhere to the classification written in law from the perspective of service and care. The level of protection the investor must receive is specified for each type. This protection does not mean that the investor is protected against price losses. The law is mainly about the amount and content of the information that we must provide to the investor. By law we define the following types of investors:

– not-professional,
– professional,
– eligible counterparty, such as some insurers, investment funds or banks.

If you do not receive a message from us, we have designated you as a "non-professional investor". You thus fall into the category to which the highest protection applies.

Are you a non-professional investor?

We ask you for information to assess whether the Self-Investing service is appropriate for you. For example, we ask how much you know about investing and how much experience you have with investing. It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct information. We do not have to check whether all the information you give us is correct. Don't you give us all the information we need, or is the information you give us incorrect? Then it may be that we cannot properly determine the suitability of the service. In that case we will warn you about this.

Storage and administration

The storage and administration of your cryptocurrencies

When you open an account, you instruct us to:

- to store your investments for you on cryptocurrency exchanges indicated by you

- to perform administrative management actions related to your investments,

- to administer your investments in your account.

There are various administrative management actions (we call this "corporate actions") that are related to your investments.

Valuation of your investments

We use the real-time value, with a 5 minute interval, when valuing the investments in your portfolio. And random again within those 5 minutes so that a bone cannot be reconstructed.

How do you give us an assignment?

We only process your orders that are related to your investments if you have chosen them through the app.

How do we carry out your (algorithmic) assignments?

We want to achieve the best possible result for our customers if they order for buying or selling via a certain algorithm. We have drawn up a policy for this. We call this the Order Execution Policy.

If you have assignments carried out by the algorithm you have chosen, the costs and risks are for you. Except if we have agreed with you that this is not the case. Is the algorithm insufficiently clear? In the meantime, we may wait to execute your order until we have received the requested information. We are not responsible for damage that may occur as a result.

We can combine your assignment with the assignments of other customers. We only do this if it is not harmful to you, but we cannot guarantee this. It may be that a combined assignment is only partially carried out. In that case we distribute the result among the different customers. You will then receive the percentage of that part of the assignment that we did, at the average rate.

We keep track of the assignments you have given us via the chosen algorithm. We do this digitally. However, to guarantee the source code or intellectual property of the algorithm maker, have no insight into information other than the buying and selling moments, as well as the described strategy.

The moment you give us an assignment, you do not necessarily have to ensure that you have enough spending space to be able to execute the assignment. Each algorithm cannot bet more than you have bet on that algorithm. If, for whatever reason, your spending limit is too small, we will not execute your order. Also not partially. We are not responsible for damage caused as a result, only if we make a major mistake ourselves or if we have caused the damage intentionally.

How do we process your orders?

Your investments are recorded in your account. By carrying out your order to buy or sell investments, investments are credited or debited to your account. The moment that we credit or debit investments coincide with the moment that we transfer the money from or to your account for the amount to which you are entitled or that you have to pay. That amount is stated on your transaction invoice.

On the overviews of your account you can see the bookings of money or investments when you give the order.

Is there a change in your investments that is not the result of the execution of your order to buy or sell investments? Then we also process it on your account.

You give us permission to debit your account:

- all costs that you must pay and

- all investments that you must provide if your investment sale order is executed.

What information do you get from us?

Do you think something is wrong? Then you must let us know immediately. We can ask you for a written confirmation of this. You must do this within two months of receiving your message. We then assume that you agree with our message.

All relevant information about your investment portfolio and the changes in your investment portfolio are made available via the RevenYOU app. You can find these messages in your personal online archive within the RevenYOU app. We advise you to download these messages and keep them in a safe place.

Giving and performing assignments for stock market options

You cannot trade in options through the cryptocurrencies trade.

Who is responsible?

The work we perform in connection with the investment services that we provide to you are for your risk and are for your account. That does not apply if we have agreed something else with you. We are obliged to do our best to meet all obligations described in these conditions and the agreements that relate to them.

We are not responsible for damage that you suffer as a result of investing, such as a fall in the value of your investments or a loss of profit. Except if it is established that we have caused the damage on purpose or if you have damage due to an error for which we are responsible (attributable shortcoming). Is there another party to whom we must compensate damage that she has suffered as a result of investment services that we have provided to you? Then you must pay us that damage. This only applies if it is legally established that we must compensate this damage to a third party.

Sometimes we cannot execute your order immediately, for example if the order system does not work or if there is another technical malfunction. We are then not responsible for damage caused as a result, unless we have intentionally caused the damage or if the damage is caused by a major error on our part.

Is there an investment objective included in a credit agreement with you? Then we are not liable for achieving that investment objective. A credit can affect the risks and the possible return on your investments.

"Information about stock prices"

We can provide you with information about stock prices, but are not obliged to do so. Do you receive information about stock prices from us and do you or someone else suffer damage as a result? Then we are not responsible for this damage.