March 20, 2020

BOTS by RevenYOU present 2 new BOTS

As of today, 2 new bots are available in the app. Today we introduce them to you.

BOTS by RevenYOU | 2 new bots
BOTS by RevenYOU | 2 new bots

The ‘Power of PI’ BOT


This bot scans 7 different coin markets and based on a complex combination of signals (points mechanism) it will create both entry and exit signals. It includes multiple stoploss and takeprofit levels which also count in the points mechanism, also making sure positions always get closed once the maximum stoploss or takeprofit levels get reached and earlier if other signals also confirm an exit. It will only use Long positions for now, but once the BOTS platform will also support Short positions these will be included as well since this will reduce risk and will increase returns. We have used the mysterious constant value PI in this algorithm. The constant PI is encountered everywhere in our universe, so most likely it will also play a role on the financial markets. This bot proves that it does. Calculated cumulative return last 24 months was 94%. Volatility risk is high. 


Team Boosting Alpha, Netherlands is an AI focused development company. Making financial trade strategies, but not only; Also AI data in other fields such as farming, manufacturing, big data. 

Author Boosting Alpha, Netherlands 

Type Cryptocurrency

Market USDT

Exchange Binance

Past ROI 30-49% annual

Risk Level Level 9 out of 12

The ‘CBS low risk BOT


The famous CBS bot uses Bitcoin as its basecoin, meaning when the bot does not trade, you still go up and down with the Bitcoin value. This CBS bot is different: It uses an USD stable coin as basecoin. So your ‘exposure’ is way lower. Meaning: lower risk, but also less opportunities for trades. A lower risk version of the CBS bot!. Calculated cumulative return last 24 months was 97%. Volatility risk is still quite high. 


Team Altrady BV, Netherlands is an full focused trading firm, being active in trading all kinds of assets for many years with an extensive track record in high yield trading. 

Author Altrady BV, Netherlands 

Type Cryptocurrency

Market USDT

Exchange Binance

Past ROI  20-40% annual

Risk Level Level 7 out of 12

Trading is for everybody

Everybodymust be able to trade. And now this is possible. With BOTS by RevenYOU.Together we will make the world of trading more fair and more transparent. Areyou interested, but your question has not yet been answered? Then have a lookat the English FAQ’s on our website. Orcontact us, we are happy to explain it to you personally.

You can nowdownload the beta version of the app from the playstore. For the ios app youcan visit our website. Download the app today and get anexclusive look into the new world of trading. Help us in the test phase and bethe first to get access to the best bots.

Risk-free investing does not exist. You can lose (part of) your stake.