RevenYOU League

Join the RevenYOU League

Join us for this unique competition and create the best performing bot ever!

In a period of seven months, teams from all over the world will compete with each other in order to create a bot with the best performances possible, ending with a sizzling Grande Finale.

This worldwide Competition will be broadcasted live from our studios in Rotterdam. Don’t hesitate and step in. You can join just on your own or come up with your own team. That’s up to YOU.

Two most important videos:
Why Do Developers need to join RevenYOU League?
RevenYOU portal introduction… By Stefan our founder! RevenYOU is finger-tip trading.

Also nice to watch if you have some time to spare:
RevenYOU League… What exactly it is?
What have we created? Check out from our founder’s itself…
Easy access for people who want to invest their money and want to gain revenue

League started no more registration

And the winner?

In total, prize money will be 1.000 Ethereum (that’s approximately 600.000 USD). How will this be divided?

Qualifying Stage – 6th of July until 5th October. Total of 300 ETH

Live show August 10th 6 ETH for the 5 best and innovative teams
6 ETH for 5 random teams (so anyone can win)
Live show August 24th 6 ETH for the 5 best and innovative teams
6 ETH for 5 random teams (so anyone can win)
Live show September 7th 6 ETH for the 5 best and innovative teams
6 ETH for 5 random teams (so anyone can win)
Live show September 21st 6 ETH for 5 random teams (so anyone can win)
5th of October(Start competition 10 teams) 6 ETH for the TOP 10 winners € 1.000 for each team to start

Competition Stage – until February 1st, 2019. Total of 700 ETH

1st place 350 ETH
2nd place 210 ETH
3rd place 63 ETH
4th place 35 ETH
5th place 21 ETH
6th place 14 ETH
7th place 7 ETH


Anyone can win, so there’s no reason why you should enter the competition. On your own or with a team. That’s still up to YOU.

But that’s not even all of it. What about the extra benefits you can earn:

Besides all the revenues from your own created amazing bot, the bot of the winner will be named RevenYOU (for a big extra boost), will get the opportunity to present him or herself to investors AND will be one of the first bots to be visible on the platform. With a great change of even higher revenue.


So, come on and join this unique competition!


June 1st Kick off show (16.00-17.00 Mid European Time)
July 6th introduction teams and start Qualifying stage
August 10th Qualifying Stage – live update show
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
August 24th Qualifying Stage – live update show
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
September 7th Qualifying Stage – live update show
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
September 21th Qualifying Stage – live update show
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
October 5th Finale Qualifying stage where we reveal the 10 competing teams.
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
October 19th First Competition update show
November 2nd Second Competition update show
November 16th Third Competition update show
November 30th Fourth Competition update show
December 14 Fifth Competition update show
December 28 Sixth Competition update show
January 4 Seventh Competition update show
January 18 Eighth Competition update show
February 1st Grand Finale
Total prize money: 700 Ethereum

How does it work

  • Decide if you want to be your own team or make a team with friends/coworkers.
  • You will receive a confirmation from us if you’re selected to participate
  • On July the 6th all teams will be presented (live of through Discord) at the show in Rotterdam
  • And the game is on… until October 5th with ‘fake’ money
  • On October 5th 10 teams will be winners from the Qualifying stage. And from now on the 10 winning teams will be playing with real money
  • The Race will continue and will be followed until the big finale on February 1st 2019

Submitting an algorithm

To contribute to the contest sign in here. At the first live show on July 6th all teams will be presented. At the end of the show all teams get access to the platform where you can start and upload an algorithm once it’s finished.

After entering the contest, your algorithm will be backtesting on data from the last 2 years up to the day you have submitted.

The criteria will be tested over this 2-year period, once your algorithm passes the criteria it will get a score and ranked after the next trading day, and appear on the leaderboard.

If the algorithm fails one criterion, RevenYOU will notify you via email or one of our many social media channels and tell you why the entry was withdrawn along with the criteria it failed on, we will provide you with help to improve your algorithm because everyone wants the best bot.

Scoring and ranking

The algorithm score is based on the out of sample returns and volatility. The highest ranked algorithm comes from achieving high returns and low volatility.

Every day after an algorithm has been submitted to the RevenYOU platform, the daily return of the algorithm is divided by the trailing 63 trading day volatility to compute a volatility-adjusted daily return (VADR). The sum of the algorithm’s VADR since the algorithm was submitted to the contest is the score.

At the end of each trading day 11:00 (CEST), the contest bots are being ranked by their highest scoring submission.


The scoring comes from their out of sample returns and trailing volatility





First ~3 months trading days

The score is being accumulated for the first 63 trading days after being submitted to the contest.

After the ~3 month trading days

There is a 63-day threshold, the score that is set in the 63 days is the final score. This limitation is in place so new algorithms have a winning chance against the longer running algorithms.

League started no more registration


Rules and Regulations

  • Unlimited number of participants can subscribe
  • Qualifying stage of the Competition (until October 5th) will be with fake money
  • Starting October 5th the 10 best performing teams will be given each € 1.000,00 to play for real
  • Teams can’t fall out
  • Teams should be available for presence (live or through Skype) during live shows.
  • It’s up to the discretion of the organisation to accept a subscription into the Competition


How do I submit my algorithm?
Just log in to the portal, and click the Enter contest button in the settings tab.

Can I submit multiple algorithms
Yes, just give us your best shot, you can stop an algorithm at any time and we allow up to 5 algorithms to be played.

What is RevenYOU(s) preferred algorithm type?
We are looking for cross-sectional, long and short strategies. But please share all your strategies and idea with us, maybe they are not suitable for the contest but you can run the bot on our platform and share it with the world!

Do I need to pay to participate
No! Participation is completely free.

What happens when I withdraw my bot?
Your bot is no longer participating in the contest and your score will stop accumulating. Our advice is, just let your bot run and create a new one, as long as you do not hit the threshold of 5 bots.

Is there a submission deadline?
Yes, look at the dates on this page.

What are the legal policies?
For our complete detailed and legal policies go here, if you have things that are unclear, please send us an email, because we are here to help.

Do I remain the owner of my bot?
Yes, welcome to our blockchain, you will always remain the owner and RevenYOU does not have the right to use it other than the RevenYOU platform.

Will you see my algorithm?
No, you and the people who you invited are the only ones who can see the algorithm, the other users can only play your algorithm on the exchanges, in case of help we will ask for permission.

How did you pick the algorithm contest criteria?
The criteria RevenYOU set should encourage people to develop the best algorithms in the world because without rules there would be no benchmark and no fair competition.


League started no more registration


Learn more about how we organize in our Whitepaper