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Lead Backend developer who will make BOTS great!

The Lead Backend Developer is the senior backend engineer who supervises all activities of the backend developers. He works in close operation with the CTO. The Lead Backend Developer has a deep passion for backend systems, their scalability, as well as their continued development. The Lead Backend Developer is in charge of building the backend systems that power the business’s site/software/applications, and continuously improves the backend practices.

The Lead Backend Developer works closely with other cross-functional teams building and supporting systems that deliver reliability, high performance, and epic functionality. From design, implementation, and deployment, the Lead Backend Developer is capable of shaping services and features that drive the evolvement of the business’s sites and software.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Lead Backend Developer

Development and Design: The Lead Backend developer is a leader in the business’s backend development team and he affects and drives the business’s site/software architecture. The Lead Backend Developer is in charge of designing and developing robust services that are in coordination with frontend developers ensuring the production and development of high-quality and well-tested code.

The Lead Backend Developer also designs, develops, and tests features alongside other technical departments such as the frontend engineers. It is also the duty of the Lead Frontend Developer to define and write APIs and design intelligent middleware components to manage complex data files.

Structure and Methodology: The Lead Backend Developer leads the department in the design, development, deployment, and operation of Java services that numerous users and consumers use. He is a technical leader in the backend department and coordinates technical projects across teams. The Lead Backend Developer is also responsible for providing resources for the business’s frontend and has an ability to read and write C++, node.js, JAVA.

The Lead Backend Developer optimizes APIs for any applications while creating and maintaining unit tests for new code and fixing defects. In this capacity, the Lead Backend Developer participates in the continuous integration of automated builds and deployments, ensuring that deliverables meet functional and design requirements and specifications of the site/software.

Collaboration and Support: The role of the Lead Backend Developer is also a collaborative one and in that capacity, he works collaboratively with developers across the business’s product and services teams in order to ensure integration with the backend APIs. He also works closely with the business’s frontend engineers in ensuring integration and successfully delivering new features.

The Lead Backend Developer also works with engineering leadership in solving and architecting solutions for challenging or complex site/software development issues.

Knowledge: The Lead Backend Developer also takes initiative in developing and maintaining integrations of best practices within the backend department. He will gather information on new and relevant technologies, documentation practices, scalability, testing techniques, and refactoring, hence, constantly improving the performance and efficiency of the department.

Other Duties: The Lead Backend Developer also performs similar duties and duties as delegated by the Head of Engineering, Director Engineering, and the Chief Technology Officer.


Education: The Lead Backend Developer has to have a bachelor’ degree (master’s preferred) in Computer Science or any other relevant field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 5 years of working experience in a backend development capacity, preferably working as a backend developer. The candidate must have gathered experience in deploying and operating services on Linux. He must also have had a deep understanding of data structures, system design, and algorithms.

The candidate will also be extremely passionate about the automation of deployment processes and testing code as well as significant experience working with MySQL, building schemas, and the storage and retrieval of data. The candidate must also have had experience programming in Java, Python, SQL, and Relational Database Design.

The candidate will further demonstrate expertise building and developing web services and experience and have experience with big data technologies. A suitable candidate will also have had experience with cloud technologies and experience setting up continuous integration infrastructures through TeamCity and Jenkins.

This candidate will additionally have had extensive experience with debugging and troubleshooting tools, for example, Fiddler, Wireshark Chrome DevTools, and so forth.

Communication Skills: The Lead Backend Developer must have exceptionally good communication skills both in written and verbal form. These skills are especially necessary in his supervisory role to junior backend development teams, which will greatly determine their performance and efficiency.

These skills will also be absolutely necessary for the Lead Backend Developer in his highly collaborative role. Excellent communication skills will ensure that all cross-functional duties of the Lead Backend Developer are executed efficiently and effectively, leading to the success of the site/software in development.

Technology/Software: The Lead Backend Developer is a highly technologically adept individual with exceptionally good communication skills. He will also have extensive experience working with Laravel, Git, JSON, Gulp, JQuery, and Sass and have demonstrate proficiency in Git.

The Lead Developer will have had experience with caching solutions, for example, Memcached, Redis, and so forth. He will also be capable of working with distributed systems, for example, Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, as well as deployment tools such as Ansible and Chef. A suitable candidate will further be capable of building online web systems through Java, C++/, C#, SQL, and noSQL and be an expert understanding the usual web backend technologies such as Ajax, MVC architecture, JSON, RESTful API, PDO, Singleton, and so forth.

He will be an expert in databases such as Redis and Mysql and have a similarly strong understanding of frameworks such as Node.js, Angular.js, JS/CSS, HTML5, XML and so forth.

Interpersonal Skills: Certain interpersonal skill will also make the Lead Backend Developer better equipped for the position. He will be consumer and result-oriented, he will be a strategic and creative thinker, he will have exceptionally good problem-solving skills, have keen eye for detail, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, be capable of working on multiple projects and meeting tight deadlines, and demonstrate an ability to remain calm and composed in times of stress and uncertainty.

People Skills: The Lead Backend Developer will also need exceptionally good communication skills for the proper execution of his duties. He must be capable of forming strong and meaningful connections with other people, inspiring trust and confidence in them, making senior engineering trusting in his insights and judgments and junior blackened developers and collaborating personnel willing to follow in his directives.

About RevenYOU 

RevenYOU is named as the Spotify of trading, we make trading easy. We believe that bots trade better than humans. That’s why we have build a platform where professional traders share their automatic trading strategies ( bots) and normal people can trade with it.

We have a fantastic office in the centre of Haarlem where you work with a team which is ambitious and have a clear goal: making BOTS great!

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We have a dream to change the world of trading and are working for that each day. You will be part of that journey, which will bring you pride & happiness. 

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Remote work: up to 20%

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